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                        Lions, Lioness, and Leos Clubs Proudly Serving Oakland and Macomb Counties, Michigan U.S.A.




Past International Presidents from Michigan:

1923-24 John S Noel Grand Rapids
1940-41 Karl M Sorrick Springport
1953-54 S.A.Dodge Detroit Northwest
1978-79 Ralph A Lynam St. Johns



Past International Directors from Michigan:

1944-45 Ralph M Sheehan East Lansing
1956-58 Walter G Wilson St Ignace
1959-61 Robert D Wyatt Detroit Northwest
1962-64 C Lavem Robbins Battle Creek
1966-68 Harold L  Pockington Algonac
1968-70 George E Daly East Flint
1983-85 James O Frendewey Iron Mountain
1985-87 Kenneth E Lautzenheiser Interlakes
1989-91 Bill E Hanel Lansing host
1992-94 Larry Young Renaissance
1995-97 A Charles "Chuck" Weir Lansing
1998-00 Dr. Dennis Cobbler Muskegon
2001-03 John Walker Sterling Heights
2005-07 Bill Hanson Rochester
2010-12 Dr. Gary Anderson Grand Rapids
2013-15 Esther LaMothe Novi
2016-18 Jenny Ware Rapid River


Past District Governors of 11-A2:

1955-56 Herman A Fanslow 1956-57 Tom Kent
1957-58 Eugene Campbell 1958-59 Charles Lincoln
1959-60 Dr Wallace O'Brien 1960-61 Julius Clevio
1961-62 Roger J Heath 1962-63 Richard H Young
1963-64 George J Hart 1964-65 George F Roberts
1965-66 Wayne McCandless 1966-67 Albert Van Thomme
1967-68 Warren D Bracken 1968-69 Arthur C Roberts
1969-70 T Ralph Alexander 1970-71 Ellis Richards
1971-72 Robert H Wright 1972-73 Lee Smith
1973-74 Leonard C Kaiser 1974-75 Hugh D Upton
1975-76 E Everett Devroy 1976-77 Robert A Stevens
1977-78 Robert L Hill 1978-79 Donald W Vogel
1979-80 Harold Geppert 1980-81 Ervin A Hire
1981-82 Gerald Griffin Sr. 1982-83 James K Rogers
1983-84 Dr Irving W Scheel 1984-85 Robert G Wylin
1985-86 James R Leach 1986-87 Edward J Janis
1987-88 Joseph M Wilson 1988-89 Jack Becher
1989-90 Al Kassin 1990-91 Bill Klingensmith
1991-92 Paul Hemeryck 1992-93 Dr William D Barr
1993-94 Dr Mark Gualdoni 1994-95 John Walker
1995-96 Keith Kennedy 1996-97 David Prosak
1997-98 Tony Coccia 1998-99 John "Joe" Polzin
1999-00 Larry Temarsch 2000-01 John C Wallace
2001-02 Robert W Jenkins 2002-03 Bill Hansen
2003-04 Lewis Moeller 2004-05 Ron Papa
2005-06 Frank Cunningham 2006-07 Rich Pfeiffer
2007-08 Tony Capozzo 2008-09 Connie Shelton
2009-10 Ron Holler 2010-11 Jim Bone
2011-12 Bob Bobee 2012-13 Jim Pettinato
2013-14 John Kontos 2014-15 Tom Hill
2015-16 James Leach, Jr. 2016-17 Patti Barr
2017-18 John Bingham, Jr. 2018-19 Jack Patton

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