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Calendar of Events

View the District 11-A2 Master Calendar here:  Link

**Please note. Load times for the calendar varies due to the amount of information in it. Please be patient, it could take a minute to appear. Thanks

How to use the Google calendar above. As you see the default view is by month. Yes there are a lot of things going on in the district. To put all this information in an easier format to work with, you will need to know how to navigate in the calendar.

Here are a few tips to assist you.

  1. Notice at the top of the calendar you will see what is called the navigation tool bar. In it you will see the name of the calendar "Lions District 11-A2", just below that there is a button that says Today and two button arrows next to it <  >. If you click on the arrows you will see that the current month view will change, it will advance you ahead in the calendar year or take you backwards depending on the button you click on. The Today button will take you back to the month showing the current day.
  2. Next we have the words for a month and year with a drop down arrow next to it. If you click on the little arrow next to the year. A pop up of the current month will appear. simply click on a certain day in that pop up and you will go there. In this view you can also move forward or backwards similar to the first tip by using the back and forward arrows at the top of the pop up window on either side of the words for the month and year.
  3. Next in line is a little icon that looks like a printer, yep you guessed it. When you click on it a pop up window will appear giving you options on how to print the current calendar view you are in. Note depending on the view you are in (Month, Week or Agenda) different print features will be available.
  4. The next Three buttons/Tabs are the most important here. It is these tabs that will help you manage all the information in the calendar. First, take a moment and just click on each one to see what it does to the calendar before reading on. Notice how it re arranged the information into different views. This is important! If you feel overwhelmed by looking at the month view, I would recommend switching over to the agenda view. The agenda view neatly lists all the events and puts them in a way as if you were to write them down by hand. While in this view (agenda view) if you click the print icon (top tool bar of the calendar), one of the choices it gives you is to print descriptions. If you put a check mark here and then set the print range to 10 days. Every event for the next ten days will be printed along with all the details for each event including times and addresses, if they were provided. Once you have set your options for printing the view, simply go to the bottom of the print preview pop up window and click on the print button.
  5. To view detailed information about an event, in any view, you need to click on that specific event and more details will be given to you. Depending on the information in the event details even a link to print a map will be available.

I hope these tips help you out, we will be doing classes soon. We have to wait till we get some multimedia equipment first so we can show these things live (first hand). These are just a few more of the changes coming soon in the district. Your IT group will be making more of a presence in the district over the next few years to help move the district along with the new technology.



If you wish to be able to add your club events to the calendar

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